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Service History

We have vast experience of Trumpf Products since 25 years……….Look at the experience we have in installing and maintaining these machines. 

From First Generation until the Present – One stop Shop for Trumpf Service

  • Trumatic L2503-L2503E-L2503E II Laser cat

    The first flat bed machine installed by Laser Services in 1994…………the basic construction of the machine was an insight to machine building.

  • L5000 - 3D Laser Cutting Machine

    The moving table type three dimensional cutting machine installed in 1992……………Laser Services gained lots of experience in 3D cutting due to basic controller and programming.

  • Trumatic L3003E

    The start of a revolutionary machine design called Trumatic L3003E was installed in 1994………….. Still the resonator was not a part of the basic machine………Automation had begun.

  • Trumatic L3030 Flat Bed Laser

    Trumatic L3030_L4030_L6030…….a new family of machines are being installed even today by Laser Services with either Bosch OR Siemens controller.

  • TLC 105 - 3D cutting - TASC 500 Controller

    A simple 3D cutting machine with cantilever design of the gantry………….based on IBH controller was installed…….gave lot of confidence in maintaining such a complex technology in simple designs and control architecture.

  • TLC 1005 - 3D - Siemens Controller

    Many variants of this popular model of 3D cutting & welding machines were installed. Even today this is the most popular model of pre-owned machine in 3D cutting & cutting. Rotary axis on the machine, Rotational changer………all are under our belt for the experience we gained in installation and servicing.

  • Trumatic L3050_4050_6050

    The new generation of high speed machines were installed and retrofitted for automation. Lot of experience is gained since 2005 in repair and maintenance.

  • TruLaser 3030_L20-3040_L32

    Updating our knowledge in installing and maintaining the current production machines is a part of our strategic learning.

  • TruLaser 5030 Classic with Modular Switch Cabinet

    Learning is a never ending process….new electrical systems and bus theory was well understood by attending  Profibus training and hands-on experience on these machines gave a practical touch to theory.

  • Trumatic TC240 - Punching Machine

    Trumatic Punching with hydraulic punching head…rotary tool changer….the best experience you can have for the future developments on punching machines at Trumpf. Laser Services has sold and serviced such machines which are under production even today with our service satisfied customers.

  • Trumatic TC500 - The Work Horse

    The most popular model of Punching machines that are getting sold and are being serviced by Laser Services. The machines also have automation like Sheet Master, Twin Cart System etc…. Maintenance techniques in automation, integration and trouble shooting is being gained with such machines.

  • TruPunch 2000_2020_3000

    Modern punching machines are being maintained by Laser Services….. Thanks to a clear understanding of the fundamentals…….Apply these and it is then only a procedure you need to follow. Complex repairs are undertaken by Laser Services on these machines.

  • Trumatic L6000 - Laser Punch Combination

    A laser punch combination machine with automation is a really complex machine to maintain. Laser Services has sold and is proudly maintaining such machines with maximum up-time, in spite of the complexity.

  • Trumabend V50_V85_V85SX_V130_V230

    A world class bending machine with 2-4-6 axes back gauge, crowning and high speed bending……….is the most popular machine we have been selling. Delem controller is simple to understand and easy to maintain. We have installed the first machine in 1997 and still we continue to sell and service such machines.

  • Trumabend V500 - TASC 6000 controller-Trubend Series

    The new dimension to controlling technique in press-brakes came with the introduction of TASC 6000 controller. We have sold and serviced such machines. Still they are our best bending machines to maintain…absolute trouble free.

  • TruLaser Cell 7040- TruLaser Cell 3000 and TruLaser 3040-FIBER

    3D and Flatbed Trumpf Disk or fiber machines are added in our service in 2015 and Laser Services is not leaving any stone un-turned in grasping this new technology.