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We undertake the following Contracts


  • Annual Maintenance Contract

    The Annual Maintenance Contract is the most comprehensive and POPULAR CONTRACT we have, which covers the Break-down Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Telephone Service. For more information, please write to us.

  • Break-down Maintenance Contract

    With this contract we shall only attend the break-down of your machines on call basis and we shall do so within 48 hours of your call.

  • On-Site Training

    We can conduct onsite training for Operators and Maintenance personnel. For duration and charges of such tailor-made courses kindly contact us and we will be pleased to offer you the details.

  • Decommissioning and Commissioning of Machines

    We can decommission any Trumpf machine from any site all over the world and install the same in the new premises. We have all the required tools and know-how to do this job. You will have a trouble free journey with us.

  • Machine Calibration

    Laser Services has acquired the world class equipment to calibrate and certify your machine accuracies. The Laser Calibration Equipment from Renishaw for linear calibration and a wireless ballbar assures the circle for tolerance. The whole process of calibration involves the following steps.

    Machine Levelling.

    Machine Calibration and Analysis.

    Mechanical and Electrical/Electronic/Software corrections, if required.


    Certfication as per VDI DGQ 3441 or any other eqivalent standards.

  • Machine Refurbishment

    Laser Services can undertake the work of Refurbishment of any Trumpf Laser, Punching and Bending machines.The work can be done in our workshop which is soon coming or at your premises. This involves,

    Inspection of the machine.

    Assessing the Spare Parts requirement.

    Getting back the mechanical accuracies.

    Proving the machine with a Test Piece.

  • Project Consultancy

    We undertake the complete Project Consultancy for our Customers right from slection of the machine until it is put under production. This inculdes the machine selection, inspection of the machine onsite, dismantling the machine, installation of the machine at Customer’s premises, training  followed by Annual Maintenance Contract.  In everystep of your Project we are involved with our quality suggestions. We can assist the Customers even in arranging the accessories like Gas Regulators, Oil coolers, UPS, DM Water, Manifolds, Compressors, Toolings and Software.

  • Spare Parts for quick trouble shooting

    Machine break down is the most critical part of the production system. To speed up the entire trouble shooting process in case of complex errors which are in a loop, Laser Services has stocked many spares based on their experience. This helps customers with a minimal time of break down and also quicker start-up of the machine as the spare is kept in the machine till such time the Customers obtain theirs.